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Are You Considering Cleaning Your Bathroom Tile and Grout?
Here's Everything You Need to Know.

Are You Considering Cleaning Your Bathroom Tile and Grout?
Here's Everything You Need to Know.

Tile and grout are often some of the most neglected parts of a bathroom. People don't think about them until they start to become visibly dirty, and by then it's usually too late. The dirt and grime that builds up in tile and grout can be extremely difficult to remove and can cause a lot of problems like mold, mildew, and even permanent staining. In order for your bathroom tiles to have a long life and function properly, they need to be cleaned correctly and regularly.


Grout is a material used to fill the spaces between tiles in order to hold them in place and to prevent water and other liquids from seeping through. It is typically made from a combination of cement, fine sand, and water. Grout can also be colored or textured to match the tile it is used with. Because of grout's porous nature, it is very susceptible to absorbing moisture and grime. Grout can also be stained or discolored over time, which makes it difficult to keep clean.

Why Should You Get Your Grout Cleaned?

If your grout does not get cleaned regularly, not only does it become extremely gross, but it can cause a lot of potential problems. These problems include:

Mold and Mildew: Because grout is so porous, it can easily become home to mold and mildew. These growths can cause a musty smell in your bathroom as well as discoloration of the grout. In extreme cases, mold and mildew can also cause structural damage to your bathroom tiles.

Staining: Even if you don't have mold or mildew, dirt and grime can build up in your grout and cause it to become stained. Stained grout can be very difficult to clean and can ruin the look of your bathroom.

Discoloration: Over time, grout can also become discolored from dirt, soap scum, and other materials. This can make your bathroom look old and dingy.

Loose Tile: If your grout becomes cracked or damaged, it can cause your tiles to become loose. This can be a serious safety hazard as well as an eyesore.

Check out our blog, “How Failing Grout Affects Your Tile’s Appearance,” to learn more about how to avoid failing tile grout.

Places in Your Bathroom That Require the Most Attention

From your floors and countertops, all the way up to the ceiling, your bathroom is usually full of tile and grout. While all these places need to be cleaned, some areas require a little more attention than others.

The most important places in your bathroom to keep clean are:

  • Shower stalls and shower doors
  • Bathtubs
  • Floors (both tile and grout)
  • Around the base of your toilet
  • Counter behind your sink
  • Corners of the shower
  • Anywhere that has a lot of moisture

Zerorez® Bathroom Tile and Grout Cleaning

If you wonder what the best way to clean grout is, a DIY method should not be your first choice. Putting harsh chemicals and soap on your floors, countertops, walls, and showers can cause a sticky residue to appear, making your tile and grout dirtier faster.

If you are serious about giving your bathroom tile and grout a proper, thorough, and safe cleaning, Zerorez® has the best solution. Here at Zerorez® Louisville, we use green technology to protect your home, family members, and the environment. Instead of using soaps, detergents, or harsh chemicals like many other cleaning companies, our patented cleaning system uses Zr Water®. This revolutionary cleaning agent cleans more powerfully than soaps or harsh chemicals yet is safe enough to drink! Zr Water® truly is the best tile and grout cleaner! Using our green tile grout cleaner, we clean away the unwanted mold and mildew on your bathroom tile and grout, all while creating the safest environment for you and your family. So let Zerorez® Louisville make your life easier by scheduling an appointment with us to come and give your bathroom tile and grout the proper cleaning they have been silently begging you for.