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Synthetic vs. Natural Area Rugs

Synthetic vs. Natural Area Rugs

There is a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to area rugs. Rug materials are generally categorized into two groups; synthetic and natural. In the Indianapolis area, synthetic rugs and wool rugs are among the most common area rugs that request cleanings from Zerorez®.

Synthetic Area Rugs

Synthetic Area rugs are made out of man-made materials that are woven into carpet fibers. These materials often derive from plastic and oil-based fibers. Many times, these materials are nylon or polypropylene. You will find that these types of area rugs are very resilient and resistant to staining. Not to mention, they are often less expensive than their natural fiber counterparts. These area rugs also come in a wide variety of colors and designs, making them a popular choice for many.


One popular synthetic material that is often used in area rugs is nylon. Nylon was first created in the 1930s and is used in a variety of products, including carpets and area rugs. Nylon is known for being strong and durable, as well as resistant to staining. It is also a popular choice for those looking for an area rug that is easy to clean.


Another synthetic material that is often used in area rugs is polypropylene. Polypropylene, also known as olefin, is a type of plastic that is derived from petroleum. Polypropylene is known for being colorfast, as well as resistant to stains and odors. It is often used in outdoor area rugs, as it is also mold and mildew resistant. However, polypropylene can be susceptible to static build-up, so it is not the best choice for those who live in dry climates.


Polyester area rugs are known for being strong and durable, as well as resistant to shrinking and wrinkling. They are also easy to clean and care for. They are great for high-traffic areas and are a good choice for those with pets or children. Polyester area rugs usually have a synthetic fiber backing which makes them less likely to slip and slide around on your floor.

Natural Area Rugs

Natural Area rugs are made of materials that are derived from nature, such as wool, cotton, jute, and sisal. These types of rugs are often more expensive than their synthetic counterparts, but they can offer a number of benefits. Natural fiber area rugs are often softer and more comfortable to walk on. They can also add a touch of elegance to your home.


Wool is a fiber that comes from the coat of sheep. It is one of the oldest fibers used in rug-making, dating back to the Middle Ages. Wool area rugs are durable, stain-resistant, and easy to care for. They are a great material for carpets and rugs because they have natural elasticity and can be recycled. The three-dimensional spiral crimps in each wool fiber give it natural elasticity, meaning your carpet will not need to be replaced as often! They can withstand all sorts of wear and tear and still look great, even for decades!


Cotton is a soft, natural fiber that is derived from the seeds of the cotton plant. Cotton area rugs are often less expensive than wool area rugs, but they are not as durable. They can be susceptible to staining and fading and are not as easy to clean as wool or synthetic fibers. However, cotton area rugs are often more comfortable to walk on and can add a touch of softness to your home.


Jute is a plant fiber that is commonly used in rug-making. It is similar to hemp but is not as strong. Jute area rugs are often less expensive than other natural fiber rugs, making them a good option for budget-conscious shoppers.

Area Rug Cleaning Near Me

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