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Which Upholstery is Best? Picking the Best Upholstery

Which Upholstery is Best? Picking the Best Upholstery

When choosing new furniture for your home, you will be looking for something that fits your style, personality, is comfortable, durable, and cleans well. Because there are so many upholstery options and every person is different, not one kind of upholstery will take the cake for all of you out there looking. Today we hope to share with you some insightful information that will help you choose the perfect upholstery for you and your home.

Some questions to consider when choosing upholstery are:

  • How durable do you need the fabric to be?

  • Will your furniture likely experience spills and messes that need to be cleaned up quickly?

  • Are you going more for decorative, or comfortable and practical?

Best Upholstery for Dogs

Which upholstery is best for pets? The best couch fabric for dogs is going to be those fabrics that are resistant to scratching, dirt, and stains. Of course, you will also want something that isn't a fur magnet. When buying furniture or reupholstering, there are a range of fabrics to consider, but three that score particularly well with pets include leather, microfiber, and velvet.

Best Upholstery for Kids

If you live in a busy household where your upholstery is going to experience everyday wear and tear, it is going to be important to choose a fabric that is durable such as microfiber or leather. If your kids are younger, your furniture may be more prone to messes. If that is the case, you may consider choosing a fabric such as faux leather that will not soak in messes as quickly, allowing you to clean them up before they become a bigger problem. With children in the home, even the color of upholstery that you choose will be important. Colors such as browns, grays, and darker colors will hide stains much easier than others.

Easiest Upholstery to Clean

If you plan on your upholstery receiving lots of love from the visitors you have over, choosing a fabric that is easy to clean might be high on your list. Polyester, nylon, and acrylic are three fabrics that are both durable and easy to clean.

Best Way to Clean Upholstery

In addition to helping you choose a unique piece perfectly suited for your home, we want to tell you about the best upholstery cleaner in Louisville. Whether the fabric of your upholstery has been rated "easy to clean" or not, at Zerorez®, getting difficult-to-clean upholstered surfaces looking as good as new is our specialty. We clean upholstery without the use of soap or harsh chemicals to keep your surfaces safe, clean, and Residue Free®. When soap and harsh chemicals are used to clean upholstered surfaces, it often leaves behind a sticky residue in the fibers that then acts like a dirt magnet - making your upholstery dirtier faster! By gently cleaning your furniture with our environmentally Powered Water®, we will leave your surfaces Insanely Clean™ and Residue Free® so that your upholstery will stay cleaner longer. Make an appointment with Zerorez® Louisville to experience the kind of clean that your upholstery deserves.